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    Busy Week Ahead... Team Photo, Judges Training and more...

    Howdy Dolphin Families!

    We have a busy week ahead! Events are listed in order below – please read carefully until the end…

    Monday, May 22nd, 5:15pm – TEAM PHOTO and Individual photo – shoot at 4:30pm

    Our photographer will start at 4:30pm with individual pics. At 5:15pm we…

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    Notes week 3

    Howdy Dolphins!

    I hope that all Dolphin Moms had a great Mother’s Day!

    You all have great kids and that and the coaches are very happy working with them! Special congratulations to the Dolphins of the week: Riley Pendleton, Ariana Zhuri, Zachary Parks and Dillon Carter!
    The 6 &…

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    Swimmers of the 1st swim week

    The swimmers of the 1st swim week in 2017 are:

    • Sofia B
    • Wyatt R
    • Alex S
    • Joshua O

    Congratulations to these four Dolphins!

    Next to receiving a certificate, some goodies, their picture will be posted on the website! Log in and go to Dolphin Fun / Swimmer of the

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    Coaches Notes week 2

    Coaches Notes:

    Thank you all for coming to our very first week of practice. We were excited to see all faces - some old, some new!

    This week, I would just like to ensure that all our parents understand what we are trying to achieve. This way, when you

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    Snack Shop

    We have opened a snack shop!

    You can buy $5 or $10 punch cards from the reps or coaches. Look for them to be sold during open pool hours too!

    The punch cards can be used:

    • in the snack shop during practices and during open snack shop times throughout…
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    Coach Traci - 1st weekly message

    Coach Traci's message:

    Hello Westchester Dolphins!!

    Welcome to the 2017 Swim Meet season! Are you ready to have some fun?!?

    This summer we will see many old dolphins and many new additions to our family. Like every year, we are planning to maintain the fun and ensure that everyone

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    Streamline 2017

    If you are interested in getting your kids in excellent Dolphin shape before Summer Swim Team, you might be interested in Dads Club Streamline

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    Poll for Afternoon Schedule

    We are holding a poll - until Feb 27th for the afternoon schedule. See info on our homepage.

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 8)

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    We had quite the exciting week with the Relay Invitational and our last tri-meet against BV and the Sharks. Our swimmers have shown that when faced with a challenge, whether it be a warm pool or competing against larger teams, they will …

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 7)

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    First I want to say congratulations to the swimmers who swam at the meet this weekend; they handled their first tri-meet like pros! We had lots of great swims and best times, and as a result, both boys and girls won the meet!


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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 6)

    Hello Dolphins!

    I want to give huge thanks to all the volunteers, parents swimmers, reps, officials, and coaches who made Time Trials possible! We had great attendance and great swims despite having practices cancelled last week.

    One of the biggest concerns was disqualifications, or DQ's, and I want to…

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    Weather on T/T day - June 4th

    Weather looks very wet for time trials so grab your raincoats! We are a go with rain, but not with storms. *I / other Reps & volunteers are heading to set up now, so stay close to your phones for any text (Remind101) alerts, as FB may not be…

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 5)

    Hello Dolphin Families!

    We are just past the halfway mark of the season, and it’s been great so far! This week everyone will work on race mechanics such as starts, turns, and finishes along with the usual workouts as we gear up for Time Trials which is…

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 4)

    Howdy Dolphin families!

    I hope everyone had some great practices while I was away This week, we will start to plateau the swimming volume as we approach the maximum intensity for the season. We will keep preparing for time trials, which is Saturday June 4th at 9:00

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 3)

    Hello Dolphins!

    I am impressed, the swimmers are handling the increase in intensity very well! This week, we will plan to keep increasing the volume and intensity while adding some fast swims to start getting ready for time trials, which is Saturday June 4th at 8:30 AM

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 2)

    Hello Dolphin Families,

    I hope everyone had a great weekend, and happy Mother's Day to all of our Dolphin Moms!

    We had an awesome first week: The swimmers worked on stroke progressions, completed their very first test set of the season, and set goals for what they want…

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    Coach Jandro's Weekly Message (week 1)

    Hello Westchester Dolphins!!

    Who is ready for the 2016 swim season?!

    This summer, we plan to return to the work and fun we had last year by getting the swimmers in swimming shape, effectively preparing them for races, and making sure they enjoy themselves in the process. We…

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    Text Messages!

    Most Middle and High School Students (and parents) will be familiar with Remind101. 

    We have set up a Remind101 account for the Dolphins too. With text messages we can let you know about last minute changes like cancelled practice due to a storm etc.

    Text @k3h6 to the number 81010

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    Head Coach

    We are happy to announce that Coach Jandro is back for the 2016 Swim Team Season!

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    Same Fees as last year!

    Everything is getting more expensive, and after winning the Championship we definitely could have increased our fees, but....

    for 2016 the prices will stay THE SAME!!!

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    Online Registration will be open from March 1st 2016 onwards

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    Our 2015 Dolphins Officials' Awards!

    Our Officials Rocked the House, too! How will they be memorialized? Read on!

    • Gentle Giant Award: Greg Zuanich. I think he uttered 3 words to us all season but boy, could he make those calls… in a really nice way…
    • DQ ‘Em All Award: Shawn
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    Coach's Weekly Message June 22nd & Dolphin News

    Howdy Dolphins Families,

    Congratulation to everyone for winning yet another meet! We thank all who made this possible but a special thank you goes to Kinsey Jeansonne, Melissa Ramirez, Gerry & Mary Hoffman & Gabriella Firenza for pitching in to get our kids lined up for races…

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    Great TEAM Spirit made us WIN

    We'd like to THANK our awesome parents for great communication!

    All swimmers on the attending list showed up! This is TEAM SPIRIT!

    Therefore we had no adjustments to make in those last minutes before the meet started, whilst every other team was frantically re-stacking relays before the meet,…

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    Coach's Weekly Message June 15th & Dolphin News

    Howdy Dolphin Families,

    Below you find the weekly message from Coach Jandro and an update about our ribbons from Mary Hoffman, but first two important reminders:

    The Relay Meet is this Thursday 6/18 at BGP! Please arrive and be ready for warm-ups by 3pm. Our team set-up is inside…

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    Coach's Weekly Message June 8th & Dolphin News

    Howdy Dolphins!

    We had a great meet on Saturday vs. the Briar Flyers! Click here to see team and individual results.

    Our next meet is right here at home, on Saturday June 13th vs. the Walnut Bend Sharks! Click here to sign up your swimmer(s) and volunteer. Sign up will…

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    Ribbon info & Coach Jandro's Weekly Message

    Howdy Dolphins,

    Please read the two messages below. The first message contains important information about ribbons and speeding tickets. The second is the Weekly Message from Coach Jandro.

    Don't forget to log on to Swimtopia to let us know if your swimmer(s) is/are attending (or not) in the meet…

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    8 & Under Meet CANCELLED + Coach's Weekly message 5/26/15

    Howdy Dolphins!

    After great start of our 4th swim-week at the Memorial Day Party, we are really sad to let you know that the 8 & Under Meet has been cancelled.

    Due to the bad weather we had last night the Lakeside pool has faced some major technical…

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    Thunderstorms: Will We Have Practice?

    Read our Thunderstorm and Lightning policy here.

    The safety of all swimmers and families is our highest priority!

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    Weekly Message & Info

    Howdy Dolphins!

    We had a great start to the season last Saturday! Please read Coach Jandro’s message below.

    Coach’s Message for Week of 5/19/2015

    Hi everyone! We had an awesome round of Time Trials with great performances despite having two practices rained out!

    This week, we will continue to work

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    Our Officials Rock!

    The Bayou Swim League Officials Training Workshop was held on May 18th. Thank you to all trainees, seasoned officials, Reps, and coaches who turned out. We're looking forward to an efficient, fair, and fun season of judging and officiating.

    Stroke/turn judges, Refs, Head judges, Starters and Head Timers: If you were unable to…

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    Thank you!

    Howdy Dolphins

    What a great start to the swim team season! Apart from a few glitches at the start everything went swimmingly!!!!

    Glitches - It is VERY important to log on to your account in to say if your swimmer or swimmers are attending meets, we will open them…

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    Upcoming events & message from Coach Jandro

    Howdy Dolphins!

    Our first meet (Time Trials) is this Saturday May 16th-8am warm-up/9am start.

    Please go to the "calendar" to indicate if your child will participate. Volunteers can sign up online as well - we need you!

    We will have our final swimsuit sales this Friday 4-6pm at the pool.

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    Officials Training Workshop

    The Bayou Swim League Officials' Training Workshop (OTW) is on!

    When: Monday, May 18th
    Start Time: 6 p.m.
    Where: Westchester Pool, 14703 Chadbourne Drive, 77079
    Who: All stroke/turn judges, Refs, and Head judges should attend, experienced or novice, in light of some rule

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    Stroke Clinics

    Did you miss the Freestyle and Backstroke Stroke Clinic last week? Don't worry - there are still 2 clinics this week, just in time for Time Trials.

    Breastroke Stroke Clinic - Thursday, May 14

    Butterfly Stroke Clinic - Friday, May 15

    During these clinics, we will go over stroke technique…

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    Time Trials - sign up online!

    Remember that on Saturday May 16th we have our Time Trials! 

    For the time trials and all other meets swimmers must sign up online
    Volunteer sign up will also be online.

    To sign up go the calendar. The process is straight forward, but if you have trouble /…

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    Message for Dolphins - May 6th

    Howdy Dolphins!

    A bit of our practice time this Saturday (11-12) happily overlaps with Splash Day at the pool. Tell all your friends, because they will be grilling some delicious food!


    The pool opens THIS Saturday, May 9th at 11am!

    Please join us for an opening

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