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Swim teams are run by volunteers! An adult from each participating family must volunteer in some capacity. Don't be shy! There is something you can help out, as there are so many jobs that are vital for the team and for successful meets. And (letting you in on a secret) when you volunteer to Officiate, be a timer, or help around the deck area, you will be closer to the pool -- and your swimmer(s). You'll have the best "seat in the house!"

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Dolphin Job Vacancy List

The Dolphins Swim Team cannot exist without volunteers!!
We would like to find capable volunteers for some jobs for EVERY season. These jobs involve a little more than just showing up at a meet in May/June, because they need just a little bit more commitment or sometimes some training.

If you are interested in one of the positions below or like more information, we would love to hear from you at westchesterdolphins@gmail.com.


This is a position for somebody who can organize, who is energetic and who has patience with different groups of people. Long before anybody thinks about swimming you will be planning with other leaders from our team, and from the Bayou Swim League, helping to get ready for the new season.
Once the season has started you and your fellow team members are responsible for the team to run smoothly.

Qualification / experience: You want the Dolphins Swim Team to continue to be a great team. You are able to work with all kinds of people / to plan / organize / solve problems.

Benefits: You are exempt from paying the Dolphin Registration fee for all of your children. You receive other priority benefits from the League (supplies, priority access to the deck during meets, parking and hospitality, among many).


Dolphin Head Judge: This person works with the Reps; among other roles, he/she oversees other Officials and helps to schedule them during the season. Click here for PDF for judges stations at the Wst Pool

Judges: Judges are vital to run a fair swim meet. They ensure that all swimmers are performing the strokes legally.

Referee: The Referee performs multiple important roles during a meet. He/she leads, supports, and oversees all of the Officials participating at a meet.

Starters: At meets, the Starter announces and starts each heat.

Qualification / experience: Prior experiences as a swimmer or swim parent is helpful. There is a simple mandatory training session for new Officials only, held each spring.

Benefits: No more boring meets… You will be performing one of the most important roles on our team. You will get to be part of a great group of people (Officials) from the other teams. On top of that you will get the best view of your swimmer when you are on deck officiating!
Also, the more Dolphin Judges there are, the better our Dolphins will swim.


The Head Timer is responsible for having timers in place before every race. During the race he/she will work to next to the timers as a supervisor.

Qualification / experience: Be able to manage a group and to work with a stopwatch

Benefits: Timers have a great view of the races. As head timer you will be able to look at all the lanes.


You will help out with entries and run reports before, during and after meets.

Qualification / experience: You will be trained, but must like working with numbers and computers. Being able to work in Excel and having database experience is an advantage.

Benefits: During the meet (depending on the pool) you will work in air-conditioning. You are the first to see what your swimmer will be swimming and of course the results!


You will be responsible for updating our website ( https://westchesterdolphins.swimtopia.com) a few times before the season starts, and often during the season. You will work close with the team leaders.

Qualification / experience: Knowledge of websites and HTML is an advantage, but not necessary. Have good written English (or someone checking you ;))

Benefits: This job is done at your own home/computer and you will be the first to know all information.


After a meet the computer staff will print labels for ribbons and speeding tickets. You are responsible for putting the labels on ribbons and speeding tickets and bringing the boxes to the pool.
After Finals you need to organize a team to prepare the medals before the party.

Qualification / experience: no experience needed

Benefits: You will be doing this in your own home at your own speed (only after finals there is a deadline).


The fundraiser contacts past sponsors and inquires about continuing for the current season and will seek new/additional sponsors. He/she will provide sponsors logos to the t-shirt/banner chair and webmaster, and prepare thank you notes/letters/end of season plaques for sponsors.

Qualification / experience: no experience needed

Benefits: You will help keep the cost for Swim Team Registration as low as possible!


The chair will obtain sponsors logos from the Fundraiser. Then he/she will take care of ordering the banner and t-shirts. After picking up the banner and shirts, he/she is responsible to hang the banner at the pool and deliver shirts to team.

Qualification / experience: no experience needed

Benefits: You are the first to get your shirts!


Decide what to prepare/purchase/serve at concessions when we host meets at our pool. Purchase items (you will be reimbursed) or arrange for delivery. Make sure items are in place, oversee volunteers, make sure items get packed up and stored between meets.

Qualification / experience: no experience needed

Benefits: You get to decide what delicious goodies we serve and sell at our home meets!

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Dolphin registration is open!

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