Notes week 3

    Howdy Dolphins!

    I hope that all Dolphin Moms had a great Mother’s Day!

    You all have great kids and that and the coaches are very happy working with them! Special congratulations to the Dolphins of the week: Riley Pendleton, Ariana Zhuri, Zachary Parks and Dillon Carter!
    The 6 & Under will continue with freestyle and backstroke, whilst the 7 & Up will be focusing on breaststroke this week.

    Dolphin Fun Event

    Thank you all that participated in the poll for our Dolphin Fun Event! Saturday and Monday were the best options and we have chosen to hold our event on Saturday May 27th after Time Trials! We estimate to have the lane ropes out and hotdogs ready by 12.30pm! The event will last until 3pm, but the pool will be open longer.

    Job sign up and RSVP for this event are open now. Just log in

    This event (and the pool) is open to ALL neighbors, so please pass the word on!

    Officials Training

    Thursday May 18th 6:30 PM – Officials Training Session at Dad’s Club/Spring Valley Dolphins (1006 Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77055).
    The training is for judges, head timers or starters, but is open to every parent. If you are interested to learn the rules/proper execution of strokes, you are very welcome to attend.
    The more knowledgeable parents and officials we have, the better our Dolphins will perform!
    If you plan to attend, please RSVP on

    Frequent asked questions about volunteering:

    I signed up to volunteer during registration, when do I know what I need to do? During registration you gave "job-preferences". If you clicked a box for a job that needs training (i.e. judge, computer, etc.) we will contact you personally or by e-mail.
    All other jobs will be open for sign-up per meet after logging in.
    After the second meet, we will have a look to see if there are any families who have not volunteered at that point and will work together to see where they can help out. The job-preference list will help us with this.
    We really need our volunteers and it wouldn't be fair to the families who paid the volunteering-opt-out-fee to have families not working, neither paying.

    When will sign-up for meets/jobs be open?
    We will let you know by e-mail when sign-up is open and more important when it will close. Our first meet will be the time trials on May 27th and sign-up will open next week.

    Photo Shoot

    Monday May 22nd – Dolphin Photo Shoot.
    Our photographer will start at 4:30pm with individual pics. At 5:15pm we will start lining up for our Team Photo. After the Team Photo has been taken individual photo shoots will resume.

    Frequent asked questions for the photo shoot:

    Is my non-competitive swimmer welcome to come to the photo shoot? Of course! If you registered your swimmer, he/she is a Dolphin and should be in our Team Picture!

    Even if (s)he does not have the team swimsuit?
    Your swimmer is still welcome. We understand that for the non-competitive you might have decided to not get them a uniform. Fortunately boy's trunks are hardly visible, but girl's tops stand out easily, so think about what swim suit they will wear if it is not the Dolphin uniform.

    Family Sponsors

    As a Dolphin parent you will be aware that we keep the registration fee as low as possible and therefore we rely on sponsors.
    Every year we have had at least one family sponsoring the Dolphins! Thank you so much family sponsors!!
    This year we would like to invite more families to sponsor. For as little as $25.00 you can be a Dolphin Friend and we will add your name on our website and on the team t-shirt!
    If you are able to donate a little more you could be a Dolphin Winner ($100 - $249). In addition to your name on the website and t-shirt you will get the team photo! You can check out all the sponsor levels on our website:

    Go Dolphins Go!

    The Wst Coaches and Reps

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