Details for Prelims

    Hello, Dolphin Families!

    We hope you are all looking forward to tomorrow. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, bug spray and water because it will be a long day. We thank you for your patience and flexibility in advance. :)

    Here are some details you will need to know:

    • Your swimmers should check in with the coaches by 7:45 a.m.
    • Our warm up time is from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. in lanes 1, 2 and 3.
    • Meet begins at 9 a.m.

    If you are running late, please let us to let us know you are coming. Ingrid's mobile is 832-353-0675 / Meg’s mobile is 713-542-3441.

    Dolphin Camp

    This year, we will be in the space behind the tennis courts. It might be wet, so bringing a tarp might be very useful. And don't forget the mosquito spray!

    Please be prepared for a long meet. There are five teams competing! Most events will have multiple heats. Settle in, bring lots of water, bring snacks, bring lunch and/or money for the concession stand (they will have their big grill), bring entertainment for the kids, and enjoy watching the kids compete.

    The space we are in does not have a lot of shade. But if you bring a pop-up shelter, please place them as close as possible to each other. Space will be very tight. We're all teammates, so get close. :)

    Circle seeding

    Please note that at Prelims, the heats are circle seeded, meaning each heat has a mix of swimmers with a range swimming speeds. (In a regular meet, the last heat usually has all of the swimmers with the fastest seed times.) This is done to give swimmers an equal opportunity because the fastest swimmers will be spread out over the different heats. Please let your kids know to swim their best and not to worry about who is in the lane next to them. In this meet, seconds (and tenths of seconds) count!


    At the meet, look for a check-in sheet to let the reps know that you are ready to do your volunteer shift. We are likely to have some volunteer opportunities available, so please jump in to help. We will need a lot of help with clerking, which is getting the kids lined up in the correct order for their races. This is especially important because we will be pretty far away from the pool. Parents have been great helping out in previous meets, and we are hoping that you can help make this happen at Prelims too.

    Qualifying for Finals

    The top 12 individual qualifiers and the top 6 relays in each event qualify for the finals. If your swimmer is in 13th place, he/she is considered an alternate for the finals if there is a swimmer who does not show up.

    Address and Parking

    Briar Village: 13902 Piping Rock, Houston, 77077. Please be respectful of no parking signs and try not to block mailboxes and driveways. Make sure there is room for emergency vehicles (park on only on south side of the street). Use drop-off area for unloading.

    We'll see you in the morning ready to rock the house!


    The Westchester Dolphins Team Reps

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