Event sheets for Prelims--Please check for your swimmer/s

    Hello Dolphin Families,

    We're in the final stretch. First, let's cheer on our season's final Dolphins of the Week!

    • John Maguire (6 & U)
    • Gus Haine (6 & U)
    • Isla Modi (7/8)
    • Jaya Modi (7/8)

    Event sheets for Prelims are attached--Please check and ask questions before noon on Wednesday

    Attached, you will find the event sheets for each swimmer participating in prelims on Friday. It is important that you review your swimmer/s' events. Please make sure that if your swimmer/s are going to attend Prelims that they are listed on the roster. If there are questions or problems, our coaches and reps need to know ASAP, preferably by email. Questions are welcome--please ask! The event sheets will be turned in at 4 p.m., and after that, no changes can be made other than pulling a sick swimmer from events.

    In this meet, each swimmer can do a maximum of three individual events and two relay events. In addition, there are limits to the number of entries for all events except freestyle. We can enter a total of six swimmers in each of the other individual events (breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, IM). In age groups where we have a lot of swimmers, it may not have been possible to get three individual races for every swimmer.

    Please note that at Prelims, the heats are circle seeded, meaning each heat has a mix of swimmers with a range swimming speeds. This is done to give swimmers an equal opportunity because the fastest swimmers will be spread out over the different heats. Please let your kids know to swim their best and not to worry about who is in the lane next to them. In this meet, seconds count!

    Reminder: RSVP for the End-of-Season Party

    Also, there are still a few families who haven't let us know if they plan to attend the end-of-the-year party. Please RSVP as soon as possible. You can either use this Swimtopia link, or you can email Meg Maguire at megmaguire05@yahoo.com. Also, if you haven't paid Meg, please do so before Friday. She is usually at practice, but she also lives just around the corner from the pool at 14707 Broadgreen Drive, so you can drop off payments there.

    Thank you all for your help and support.


    The Westchester Dolphins Team Reps

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