Coach Traci's Week 2 Message


    We are now entering our second week y'all, and I'm so proud of everything I'm seeing. Many of the improvements we worked on last year are still showing in our practices!

    The coaches will be working on a week-by-week basis on stroke development, so that once we get to the end of May, our focus will be on improving speed.

    Last week we worked on the freestyle stroke, including body positioning, breathing and overall comfort. We worked on teaching our swimmers the rollover method; using long, switching arms; and rebuilding core muscles. We also did an introduction to backstroke.

    For most of our swimmers, it's been a while since they have been in the pool, so please don't dismay if you see something a bit unfamiliar. It's all part of the process, and all the kids made great improvements.

    This week, we will be working mainly on backstroke. Depending on how well our more independent swimmers do, we will introduce the breaststroke and elements of the butterfly. For our younger swimmers, we will continue working on building their independence.

    Let's have a great week,

    Coach Traci

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