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Covid guidelines

      Liability waiver

      • Each family will fill out a Covid-19 liability waiver provided by the Westchester HOA.

      Self screening

      • Prior to coming to the pool for any activity, everyone ( parents, guardians, volunteers anyone) should self screen by answering the following questions If you answered YES to ANY question below, you should not come to the pool
        • Do I feel sick in any way, dizzy, have a cough, have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
        • Do I have a fever, sore throat, chills, headache, loss of taste or smell or diarrhea?
        • Have I been in close contact with anyone known to have tested positive for COVID 19?

    Dolphin Covid team

      COVID team roles:

        • Keep current with all prevailing ( CDC, state, county etc.) recommendations with regards to COVID 19.
        • Ensure that your team is following all COVID 19 modifications that our team has prescribed
        • Be point of contact for team’s membership for questions and concerns related to COVID 19


    • Masks to be worn by all coaches during practices and meets.
    • Swimmers parents and volunteers will be encouraged to wear masks.

Practices and Meets

    • Group sizes will be managed to ensure social distancing.
    • During basic drills, swimmers would be required to circle swim and maintain spacing in water.

    • Swimmers will maintain distance while waiting on swim deck.
    • Deck spacing markers will be used to ensure swimmers are spaced in waiting areas.
    • More coaches will be available to assist with social distancing. 
    • Parents / Guardians:
      • To aid with social distancing, it is recommended that the number of individuals in the area directly around the pool be minimized. Parents should be therefore outside of this area as much as is possible.
      • It is recommended that parents should be socially distanced with face masks while outside of the practice area if they are with other parents.
    • Restrooms:
      • Swimmers should arrive dressed to swim after having recently visited their home restroom.
      • Should an unforeseen need arise for a restroom trip (and this will happen!), restrooms will be available.


  • Restrooms and deck furniture will be cleaned between practices. 


  • Unfortunately, we will not offer snacks or concessions this year. Families are allowed to bring their own snacks and beverages to the pool. Please be aware that glass items will not be allowed in the pool area.

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